When Conversation Can Scale, Visions Unite

    Some people who care about making their community better in some particular way find one another. They keep the conversation going. They start something. Supporters find them. Great things happen. The most progress is made when the conversation involves many people, when supporters become participants become leaders— when a movement forms. Visions Unite seeks to provide a neutral infrastructure for conversations and coordination to extend to many more people, as equals, than it traditionally has. The future of democracy, of liberty, and of justice relies in part on mass communication becoming horizontal, all-way, not one-way.

    Visions Unite is a project of People Who Give a Damn, Inc., a not-for-profit organization. PWGD is also serving as fiscal sponsor for Coder Dojo NYC, is a free open non-profit movement to teach youth ages 7-17 to code, and Definitive Drupal, a non-profit publisher of learning materials for the free software Drupal content management framework.

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    This is an extremely low-volume (less than once a month), focused, high-relevancy one-way mailing list for people interested in massive all-way communication (equal access for everyone) that is also focused and relevant. The power of deciding what goes out to a network of people belongs to the network, not to whoever set up the mailing list first. With a way to scale our communication and coordination, we can better do the wonderful, needed work to build a more just, more free, more awesome world.